Younger Beginners

Starting Young?

Starting young can bring distinct advantages to any musician.  The younger ear is more trainable, especially with regard to pitch, and there can be huge gains in coordination in the first two years. By starting at four, say, a child will have an obvious head start, with every chance of playing with fluency and being ready for early grade exams by six or seven.

Which Instrument is Best?

The key is to choose the right instrument, as some make more sense than others for the younger student. For instance, Piano is fine for a four year old, while Soprano Sax would likely be a bad idea until significantly older. Additionally, for the young especially, the standard of tuition and also the level of support at home are twin essentials to ensure the best possible musical start.

Key Priorities would include:

  • Choosing the right type of instrument (we can help advise you on this)
  • Access to a good quality student instrument (wherever possible)
  • Finding an excellent teacher, who is experienced with young beginners
  • Good parental support

Useful Tips

Young students should take advantage of every opportunity to play, whether in concerts, exams, or simply for friends and family. This is easier when very young, before self consciousness has had much chance to develop. Getting performance experience whilst still young can be an obvious confidence builder.