Saxophone Lessons

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 15.28.19Who can learn Saxophone?

Saxophone is suitable for older children, with nine or ten years being a good starting age for most. If they can already play another instrument, especially recorder, flute or clarinet, some may even be able to start a little earlier. Saxophone is also highly popular amongst adult beginners.

Which type of saxophone should I choose?

For most of us, Alto sax will be the best choice to begin on. You can naturally progress to Tenor once you have developed your technique on Alto. Generally, Soprano and Baritone saxophone would not be recommended for the beginner saxophonist.

Do I need a new saxophone?

Not strictly necessary; however, do bear in mind, the words ‘cheap’ and saxophone do not go together very well. Having said that, decent quality can still be affordable in a new instrument; please consult us if you need help in choosing one. If buying used, a thorough checkover may be worthwhile. For maintenance, simple or otherwise, we recommend All Brass and Woodwind of York Street, Leeds.

What will I learn?

All great players have one thing in common: beautiful tone. Indeed, players may spend their whole career in pursuit of ever better tone. From Stan Getz to Sonny Rawlins, Kenny G to Candy Dulfer, you can learn to recognise the greats by their distinctive tone alone. You will focus on your sound from the very first lesson, whilst also learning to play tunes and read music notation from the early stages. With proper application. you will soon be developing a tone of your own. Meanwhile as you progress, scales and exercises will be introduced to help you develop speed and fluency on the saxophone. Expect to develop a wide range of repertoire of varying styles.

Can I take exams?

Most certainly. Exams provide excellent goal setting opportunities, and we use several types of exams to help produce well rounded students: ABRSM provide both straight and Jazz syllabi for saxophone, while Trinity College’s saxophone syllabus takes a different approach again, allowing more flexibility in the way the student approaches the exam. We use only accredited exam boards for saxophone, meaning that you can also accumulate useful UCAS points which can help towards university entry.

Who teaches saxophone?

Sax lessons take place at the Northern Music Academy most days, subject to availability, with teacherĀ Darrell Priestley, who studied sax with Richard Ingham.