Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 15.28.19 DSCF2625Is keyboard different from piano?

Learning keyboard, as distinct from piano, is actually quite a specialist activity, with it’s own demands. In the majority of cases, however, those starting keyboard lessons will be best served by piano style lessons. This allows the proper teaching of both treble and bass clef notation, independence, and of course coordination training, which most educators agree is necessary to provide a solid foundation for further learning development.

Can I use a keyboard at home when learning piano?

Absolutely! Most students today do this to begin with. Your keyboard should have a minimum of 49 keys, though 61 keys would be preferred. Lessons at the Northern Music Academy take place on a variety of keyboards, from highly specified home keyboards and digital pianos to professional stage keyboards.

Can I learn keyboard style with chords, backing styles, etc?

Yes you can. Although we would not recommend this for younger students, older students are encouraged to branch out and learn keyboard style skills, though preferably after first acquiring a good foundation of music knowledge and reading skills. We would also recommend that you have a good quality keyboard, with easy to use controls, plus good sounds and styles/arrangements.

Who teaches keyboard?

Keyboard lessons are taught by our keyboard and organ specialist, Darrell Priestley. Darrell is a past UK winner of the prestigious competition, the Yamaha Electone Festival.