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Beginners Welcome Here!

Learning music can be very exciting, especially when you are just starting out. Learn to play at the Northern Music Academy, and you will be in good hands. We will get you off to a proper start, so you can take that excitement and run with it. The pleasure found in listening to music is nothing compared to the thrill of making music yourself. Start well, and the joy will last your whole lifetime. Join the hundreds before you who began their musical journey by learning to sing or play at the Northern Music Academy

You’re never too young (or old) to learn!

Lifelong learning is a wonderful thing, and we are happy to provide music lessons to students of all ages. Our youngest beginners start at 4 years, studying piano and keyboard, or around 7 for instruments such as guitar and drums. However, for others the musical journey begins much later in life. For the older beginner, time spent learning music can be all the more precious, simply because they have waited so long for the opportunity finally to arrive.

Music Therapy

Playing music of any kind is an excellent therapy, and the Northern Music Academy offers numerous instrumental options, allowing you access to all the benefits that making music can provide.

Advanced Studies

Study for higher grades, Diploma, University entry or your first world tour, with one-to-one tuition from one of our specialist teachers. Crank it up a gear, and play at a higher demand level

What Next?

To learn more, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.