To teach at the Northern Music Academy requires many attributes; skill, enthusiasm, talent and dedication, certainly, but much more besides. Teachers must be resourceful, constantly thinking of fresh ways to motivate and inspire their students. However, being understanding is equally important for us, as we realise that students will not always be in a position to give their utmost to their musical studies; we accept that, sometimes at least, our role is simply to help them through those times without becoming dispirited, encouraging them to persevere until they are able once again to devote themselves to making progress.

It helps too that our teachers are not only highly qualified, (for instance, all have a degree in music), but each one is also an experienced performer and teacher. As an institution, we have twenty five years experience of catering to the needs of aspiring musicians, from building confidence, to exam preparation, to developing performance experience in concerts, and more. This may explain why so many students choose to attend their music lessons with us right up to the point where they leave for university.

In recent years our teaching faculty has gone from strength to strength, and now features 6 regular teachers, plus extended faculty members, providing additional expertise and holiday cover. The range of subjects covered is increasingly diverse, and is no longer limited to vocals and instrumental studies, with specialist tuition now encompassing more disciplines than ever before, including songwriting, composition, recording and production, and contextual studies. Teachers offer one-to-one music lessons, and in some cases group lessons, which truly cater to everyone, from both young and older beginners, to advanced musicians and degree level students. Whilst the Northern Music Academy is not itself elitist, many of our students do aspire to join the elite; we are very comfortable with that, and of course it’s always good to know that we will continue to support you perfectly should you choose to undertake the path to  perfection.