RPetch Head & Shoulders Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 15.28.19Could I Learn to Compose?

Music composition is a subject so wide that almost anyone could learn compose in some style or other. With good training, even a relative novice can benefit. Meanwhile, for the more experienced musician, there is still greater benefit in learning good ideas and correct techniques to allow you to express yourself fully. If composing music interests you, we will help you to discover your ability and identify your strengths. Working with us, you will produce a range of pieces, while working out to which musical styles you are most suited. With continued study, you will learn to produce music of increasing depth and sophistication.

Who Teaches Composition?

Almost all of our teachers compose, and are well equiped to help their instrumental students who express an interest in composing. However, we also have two dedicated composition tutors, who between them have great experience, qualifications, and command of a wide range of musical genres. Both our Academy Principal, Darrell Priestley, and newest team member Richard Petch, are well versed in teaching composition. Darrell has run composition classes at NMA for several years, while Richard gained Distinction in his Masters Degree in composition, and has been widely recognised for his work. If you are really ready to learn to compose music, then you will find studying with either Richard or Darrell to be most invaluable.